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A Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting Your Living Room Chandelier

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Most people think of crystal chandeliers when they picture the large, earthy ceiling lamps in their parents’ living rooms.

90% of people cross out crystal chandeliers when choosing lamps for a new home decor.

We must now correct the name of a crystal chandelier. The crystal chandelier may not be too expensive or ugly, but you chose the wrong one!

Crystal chandeliers are very commonly used in Nordic homes. They do not necessarily have to be paired with intricately designed carved plaster lines, heavy furniture and wallpapers.

As long as they are simple tables and chairs and large white walls, they create a wonderful sense of conflict and eye-catching effect. Full.

Crystal lamps are generally priced between 8,000 and 10,000 yuan in local stores. Crystal chandeliers, compared to the local per capita income, is relatively affordable. However, they are not luxury items.

Good-looking crystal lamps are not only suitable for the most popular light luxury style now, but can also add color to the light and refreshing Nordic style.

This piece of furniture will make your home look elegant and noble.

Ugly and rustic? Only nobles can have it

Crystal lamp is actually a type of chandelier. The first chandeliers were made in Europe during the Middle Ages. At that time, the design was simple: two wooden beams formed a cross with spikes on each end to hold candles.

Medieval illustration of a 1460 chandelier from King Rene’s Tournament Book

With the development of production technology, more complex gold-plated chandeliers had appeared by the 15th century. Metal could reflect candlelight and was used in many churches and wealthy noble’s homes.

Amsterdam church antique chandelier with candle

Chandelier from the work of 15th-century painter Jan van Eyck

And people made more expensive and more exquisite crystal chandeliers, which first appeared in castles and palaces in the 17th century.

Crystal reflects lightbetter compared to metal. This makes spaces look brighter and luxurious.

The glass industry developed in the 18th century and gradually glass replaced natural crystal for crystal lamps. The production cost was greatly reduced, and crystal lamps began to spread into ordinary people’s homes, becoming more popular.

Crystal lighting in China only began to develop after 2002. Crystal lighting was used for the first time in official occasions, such as the Great Hall of the People or Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. After the reform and opening up, many crystal lamps entered homes and villas.

Crystal lamps were popularized in 2006 for decorating and creating an atmosphere.

The crystal lamps that we find ugly are by no means the darlings of the European courts mentioned above.

These are ceiling crystal lamps that were imported into China and localized, as well as some modern crystal lights with thick branches and spherical elements.

The design level of these new crystal chandelier lamps is mixed, and the proportions of the shapes are much worse than the original classic designs. Materials have been substituted with acrylic or plastic that is cheaper, and the texture of these lamps are very poor.

It’s no wonder that young people think crystal lamps that are randomly piled with elements are earthy, tacky, and expensive. In fact, the problem is not the crystal lamp itself, but the wrong style. The classic design of the crystal lamp is elegant and grand.

Cleaning the crystal chandelier is no trouble at all!

In addition to style, many people are also afraid of crystal lamps because they are worried about the trouble of cleaning.

But in fact, crystal lamps suitable for most families can be cleaned daily with a duster. This isn’t a problem at all. It can be cleaned every six months, just like any other home furniture.

Wool dusters are also useful. Wool can be used to clean tiny spaces that are difficult to reach with other methods. They can be reached by using thin wool.

It has strong dust cleaning ability. After absorbing the dust, you only need to turn it around and shake it, and all the dust will be dusted off. It can be cleaned directly without washing. It is so convenient to clean the crystal lamp!

Crystal lamps are not for those who only want to keep their home clean.

If you are willing to put in a little extra effort, a beautiful crystal lamp will help you live a life full of style and quality, just as ironing your clothing and cleaning your shoes can make you appear more energetic.

Crystal lamp should be chosen like this

I have decided to buy a crystal lamp, but the crystal lamps on the market are so confusing. How can I pick one without going overboard?

When buying styles that have existed in history, you can’t go wrong by following the classic style. It is important to consider the material, thickness and shape of the lamp.

Lamp stand

In Europe, crystal lamps are designed and modified based on originals found in castles and palaces.

Common crystal lamp styles include Louis, Eugene, Maria Theresa, Empire, Waterfall, etc.

Louis style (Louise)

The palaces of that period were influenced by the Baroque-style of Louis XIV. Therefore, the interior furniture was also chosen to emphasize the exquisite craftsmanship and the luxury of spacious rooms.

Brass was used extensively in Louis-style lamps, and brass became a sign of status and power in the upper classes.

Louis style has a thick spindle-shaped trunk, and the curve of the brass lamp branch is relatively gentle, extending into the flat space. Even today, the curved outline and textured shine are fascinating.

Eugene style (Eugene)

Metals became scarce after the European Wars of the 17th century. Glass became a replacement for metals due to its ability reflect light.

Josef Palme finished the Eugene-style Chandelier in 1724, the first complete glass chandelier ever made in Bohemia. It lit up the Austrian Capital. The castle of the Golden Prince.

In addition to the classic glass arm shape, the biggest feature of the Eugene style is the simplicity of the trunk shape, the steep curve of the lamp branch, and the lack of unnecessary decoration on the candlestick part. It is eye-catching, and it reveals elegance and grace that will never fade.

The transparent trunk gives the chandelier a sense of lightness as a whole. Later, there were designs that retained the simple and smooth shape of Eugene’s style, and the material was changed from glass to metal.

Maria Theresa style

The Maria Theresa style was the most opulent of the styles, and this chandelier illuminated the coronation of Maria Theresa, Queen of Bohemia, in 1743.

The Maria Theresa-style crystal chandelier is also a typical Rococo style, bright and complicated. If Baroque expresses the world of men, then the feminine characteristics of Rococo style are more obvious.

Main trunks are shaped in arcs or S-shaped forms, full of feminine spirit. Metal is paired with sparkling crystals. Sometimes, the ceiling and wall are connected with arcs or murals that cover the ceiling. The overall decor is romantic, luxurious and leisure.

Empire style

The Maria Theresa style, with its pretentious curvatures and beautiful decorations, was abandoned at the end of 18th century in favor of simpler forms.

Napoleon, up until the beginning of the 19th century followed the example set by the ancient Roman Empire in unifying Europe. Interior decoration and furniture designs were also influenced by the imperial style, which emphasized clarity, symmetry and elegance.

Imperial style crystal lamps are more stable and full in style, and the material structure is stronger. They are often arranged in geometric shapes, and the structures are hidden and wrapped in shadows.

The upper part of the ring is conical and the lower part has a bowl shape arc that looks like a big water drop.

Electric and natural gas lamps were introduced in the late 19th century. Candle-shaped human lighting sources replaced real candles, which not only reduced the risk of house fires, did not produce wax tears, but also saved the trouble of replacement.

Imperial-style crystal lamps also directly removed the candlesticks and retained only the main part of the design. They looked more simple and modern, and were suitable for decoration in modern homes.

Waterfall style

The waterfall-style crystal lamp can be regarded as a modern improvement of the Imperial style. It retains the lower part of the Imperial style. The crystal falls naturally. You can choose between round or square bases.

The inverted triangular shape is more comfortable than previous spherical designs. This is a good choice for small apartments or families with low ceiling heights. It also suits a modern, simple and minimalistic room.

The imperial and waterfall styles are the two most popular among these five styles. These styles are characterized by simple shapes, less metal frames and long, streamlined designs that do not appear bloated and are more versatile.

Louis style, Eugene style and Maria Theresa style are too obvious in style and have a strong sense of age. They are more suitable for palaces, high-end hotels, or homes with heavy colors. They are too heavy for most people to hold.

The simple Eugene style is a good choice if you like the traditional look. Try to select a style that has fewer layers and branches, as shown in the image below. It is important that the decorative elements in the room are simple so as to not be easily confused.

Check out the material

Crystal lamps are mainly made of metal arms and glass arms. Do not buy crystal lamps with thick branches. If they are thick, they tend to look rustic. Do not have too many carvings. Golden metal arms with thin branches are the most versatile.

The golden metal arm appears more delicate than the glass.

Size matters

The height of most domestic residential buildings is 2.5~2.8m, which inevitably makes many people worry that crystal lamps are not suitable and can easily appear high, crowded and depressing.

In fact, there is no need to exclude crystal lamps. Imperial style and waterfall style crystal lamps are friendly choices. Crystal chandeliers of several other styles usually hang down from the ceiling. The height of the ceiling must be at least 3m.

As shown in the picture below, you can see from the door frame that the floor height of the room is about 2.5m.

The transparent frame of the crystal lamp above the dining table does not have a heavy sense of oppression. Instead, it lowers our attention and ignores the ceiling, which is very effective in increasing the distance between people and the ceiling.

You don’t need to worry about floor height if the height of the home is greater than 2.8m. The small crystal chandelier is prominent enough without being too flashy. It can be installed in the living room, dining room, entrance hall, or even bathroom.

The size of the crystal lamp mainly depends on the height from the ground. If it is installed as the main light in the living room, it will not touch the head. The bottom is at least 2~2.1m from the ground.

Hanging directly above the dining table, not directly above the restaurant, the bottom of the crystal chandelier should be 75~90cm away from the tabletop.

The diameter of the crystal lamp mainly depends on the volume of the crystal lamp. The main crystal lamp in the living room should be no smaller than 40cm. The core reason why you buy it is for decoration, and the lower effect will be more beautiful.

The branches are horizontally arranged, just like the traditional chandeliers. For use in large living rooms, the diameter of 50~60cm is most suitable. When installed, it is the focus of the room.

The diameter of a crystal chandelier for a restaurant should be at least 2/3 or 3/4 the size of the tabletop. A more complex design will look larger than it actually is, so the width needs to be slightly reduced.

If the tabletop is relatively long, you can consider two or three small crystal chandeliers with a diameter of 1/3 of the table.

Lighting method

The bulbs of Louis style, Eugene and Maria Theresa crystal lamps are shaped like upward candles. The light is emitted by E14 LEDs and is aimed upward.

Imperial and waterfall light bulbs are designed with downward and horizontal orientation. Both E14 and E27 light bulbs have large lamp mouths, and most use spherical light bulbs.

It is installed directly on the ceiling and does not require light lines. This has a decorative effect but also brightens the space below.

If a crystal light is used in the bedroom and other rooms, you will need to use other sources of light to help with the lighting. The light would be insufficient and the texture of the light too monotonous if it were used elsewhere.

Cost-effective but not cheap!

Crystal chandeliers on the market all start at a thousand yuan. The origin and purity of the crystal determine the price difference. Crystals that are more transparent and crisper have a higher price and better quality.

If you just like the shape of the crystal lamp, you don’t necessarily have to pursue the high-end texture of Swarovski crystal. The production cost of Chinese crystal is low, and we can buy a good-looking crystal lamp at a lower price, which is very cost-effective.

Most of China’s crystal lamps use K9 material, which has higher light transmittance, refractive effect, hardness and texture than resin materials.

Artificial crystals are about 15% lighter than real crystals, so they won’t be as heavy when installed in the ceiling.

The majority of China’s crystal lamps are produced in Zhongshan. The majority of crystal lamps on this list are also made in these locations.

After shopping around for crystal lamps in China, j@s lighting has the majority of products, mainly chandeliers, which are transparent and exquisite and suitable for use on balconies and restaurants. There are three sizes of each model: large, medium, and small.

Small-sized waterfall-style chandeliers and wall lamps are more suitable for small apartments. It is a classic combination to combine crystal with brass. Installed next to the bedside in the bedroom, it is full of romance.

Imperial style crystal lamps are difficult to find on Taobao, but there are still a few good ones that we can recommend.

Candlesticks are available in styles to complement warm light bulbs. You can choose a corresponding number of arms according to the size of the installation space.

Six heads will fit a 1525m2 space; eight heads will fit a 2535m2 space.

This one is also a good choice if you want more crystals. The elegant and retro hanging shape expands the space without making it look bulky or depressing. When paired with American, Nordic and light luxury styles, it looks grand and romantic.

The brass lamp rings are a classic and romantic shape that is sure to catch the eye. It is very suitable for homes that like romantic and light luxury style.

This store has 10 years of experience in producing copper lamps. You can visit the store in person and consult with customer service about designing crystal lamps for your entire home.

After all, crystal lamps are European products. They can only look good if they are completely copied from domestic designs. In addition, there are relatively few styles, so it is indeed difficult to buy them in China.

It is best to buy original crystal lamps, vintage and retro from overseas. It will cost a bit more. When purchasing, you should check whether the crystal has cracks, bubbles, water ripples and Impurities.

Some tips summarized:

There will be no problem if the crystal chandelier is installed directly on the cement floor;

If you want to install lamp panels and crystal lamps in the suspended ceiling area, it is safest to penetrate them and install them directly on the cement floor.

The reason why classics crystal chandelier are classics is that unlike Internet celebrity models that become obsolete and eliminated after a few years, classic designs will still have vitality in modern times after thousands of years of updating and upgrading of aesthetic trends.