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Brands of Downlights for Surface Mounting

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Surface-mounted downlights come in many different styles, including ceiling-type or rail-type Downlights.

How do I choose the right downlight for my home?

The quality of the downlight mainly reflects the quality of the lighting source, power supply stability, lamp shell quality and spots, heat dissipation, etc. The central light spot is evident, and the transition from the middle circle to the outer one is natural.

Your choice of downlights upon factors such as style and usage scenario, the layout of the house and the use of the space, etc. See the discussion of downlight buying experience.

Distance from the wall

Surface-mounted lights are usually about 20-40cm from the wall, and the distance between several ones is 100-120cm. In addition the angle of surface-mounted downlights can’t be adjusted, and can be installed without opening holes.

2.Lighting purposes

Surface-mounted downlights with a single head can be used for background lighting or auxiliary lighting. Multi-head versions can be used to enhance lighting.

Background wall lighting, secondary lighting areas: wall behind and entrance hall, living room, balcony bedroom

Main light in the living room, Study main light

3.Color rendering index recommendations

The index of color rendering represents the restored color of an item. Generally speaking, the higher the index for color rendering is, the more similar the color of the object that has been restored is to the original color.

Generally, the color rendering index Ra>85 can completely meet the requirements of normal home lighting. The precise situation may be chosen based on the individual’s needs. .

Anti-flashing suggestions

The majority of the time, glare is divided into two types: direct glare and indirect glare.

Direct glare is further divided into discomfort and disability glare.

Disabling glare is an incidental light source that shines directly into the eyes, which causes blurred vision.

The light sources that cause psychological discomfort for people are called comfort glare. By putting up a number of lamps in the room that have exposed lighting sources could create an immediate psychological connection to the access point to the disabled.

Reflections created by objects lit by light are referred as indirect glare.

Four main kinds of anti-glare lamps are offered: honeycomb network anti glare, deep barrel anti glare/large shade angle, and various colours of anti-glare covers.

Recommendations on downlight color temperatures to provide basic lighting

Living room Rooms with warm light and natural light are recommended. Natural light is recommended in rooms for elderly to meet lighting requirements.

Restaurant: Natural lighting is highly recommended. The choice of lighting will depend on whether the restaurant has an atmosphere that is family-friendly.

The kitchen: Natural light can be sufficient to meet the requirements of a kitchen. White light is a great alternative if you want something brighter.

Bedroom: It is recommended to select a warm lighting source, which creates a warm environment and help you sleep better.

Be aware that the exact hue temperature should be utilized in the same location to create the illusion of synchronized lighting. This can help to avoid eye discomfort.

6.Calculation of the wattage of a space

Here’s a formula to calculate the total wattage required Space surface x 3 = the required wattage. For example the total amount of wattage required for a space with a size of 10m2 is 10 x 3 = 30W. As long as the wattage of all lamps is multiplied, the total will be around 30W. That’s it. You can alter the amount within this range to make it more bright or darker.

Note: The most scientific calculation method requires software for lighting design to create false color maps for illumination in order to experience the effects of the lighting scene prior to its creation.

7.Suggestions for Blu-ray discs and flashing video

The blue light wave peak is mostly connected to the color temperature. In general, reducing the temperature of the colors can help to reduce the. Video flashless is now commonplace due to the increasing use of constant-current drive power supplies.

These tips can be used to aid you in shopping. In the next section, I will present some images from the internet as a reference only:

surface mounted downlights can be utilized to boost the floor height, without having to rely on the ceiling. However, they don’t want to hinder the aesthetic lighting effects.

Surface-mounted downlights must meet higher standards. They must be slim, elegant and provide outstanding light quality.

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