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A lot of people believe that there will be a lack of energy in their home after the renovation, but they are unable to determine what’s wrong.

If you closely follow the popular home furnishings bloggers on the Internet You will notice something that is usually not considered by many – indoor wall lighting that is both attractive and practical.

I’ve been working in lighting design for many years. In this article, I will present the various types of wall lamps. Choose according to your requirements.

1.Retro wall lamp

This type wall lamp is characterized by its unique form and strong decorative impact. It is very suitable for living rooms, bedrooms as well as sofas and other spaces. You can also try this kind of lamp in some chic B&Bs.

  1. The blend of cowhide solid wood and iron art and industrial retro style is elegant and captivating.

Frosted glass, aluminum and solid wood, beautiful shape with soft and glowing light, suitable for spaces that are minimalist, put it by the bed to create a secluded ambience.

Metal material that has a soft warm and soft very light. Perfect for bedside lighting for ambience.

Simple wall lamp for the wall.

Elegant and simple, this type of shape is simple to recognize.

  1. Infinitely dimmable and color-adjustable rotating indoor wall light

Elegant and simple metal wall lamp that is small in dimensions with a smooth and rounded texture

A unique and compact wall lamp with white and black shades with a full texture.

The minimalist design of the wall lamp, with lines that are curved and curved is incorporated.

3.Bedside chandelier

1.Romantic bedside lamp, frosted glass lampshade, and overall gentle and bright light. This lamp style issuited for areas with high ceilings as well as the ability to cover a large area. The space will look cluttered and boring if too small.

2.The modern bright nicke bedside chandelier is quite elegant and textured and is ideal for decorating home spaces dominated by black and white.

4.Atmosphere wall lamp

These lights on the walls of your home create a a hazy atmosphere that is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and staircases.

Points to be noted

When selecting indoor wall lighting the primary factor to consider is matching the color of your wall. Although it can cause clash and contrast but the coherence of the whole space should be taken into consideration.

2.Installation the height of the wall lamp: It’s best not to go over 1.8m in height of bedside wall lamp as it’s easy to obstruct light, which is not suitable for lighting.

It is advisable that the wall lamp be installed in a range of 1.2-1.5m and an area between 9.5-49cm.

The switch that controls the bedside lamp should be able to be reached easily. Some wall lamps come with their own switches, while others must be controlled through switches. It is also recommended that switches for control be placed in groups so that they are able to be controlled from your bed.

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