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Guidelines for Mounting Chinese Style Wall Lights

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These days we are seeing more and wealthy people and individuals are looking to make their home’s lighting warm and comfortable.

Many villa owners want to install outdoor wall lighting within their outdoor areas.

What is an outdoor wall light?

What is the best setting height for lighting fixtures for outdoor walls?

If you’re considering installing outdoor wall lighting, but you are not aware of these two issues it is best to go through the information in this article.

What exactly is outdoor wall lighting?

The outdoor wall lamp is a wall lamp that gets its name fromits its use outdoors.

Certain lamps can be put on outdoor lamp columns walls.

Wall lamps for outdoor use are more water-proof and come with enclosed structures.

This helps prolong the lifespan of outdoor lamps in preventing them from becoming destroyed by rainwater.

Outdoor wall lighting has many advantages.

Soft lighting, generous stylish and practical. Easy installation and powerful decorative qualities.

For urban green lighting, for creating modern and elegant residential communities and enhancing the residential lighting culture. spaces,

outdoor wall lamps are undoubtedly essential ideal lighting fixtures.

2. The installation of outdoor wall lamps:

Outdoor wall lights are able to be placed on columns or walls.

When installing on a brick wall and wooden bricks (wooden wedges aren’t allowed to replace bricks made of wood) or other metal parts must be cleaned before wall construction.

When installing lighting fixtures,

The lamp stand must be mounted on wooden bricks or steel components. the outdoor wall lamp is mounted on a pillar

Metal components must be embedded on the column or fixed to the column with clamps

and finally, the outdoor wall lamp needs to be mounted directly on the metal parts.

The light fixture for the outdoor wall can have a height that is different on every side.

The outside wall light must be identical across all walls.

The lighting fixtures for outdoor walls must be designed to suit the local climate.

It is recommended to choose a sealed switch.

In humid conditions ceramic waterproof switches are recommended because of the frequent nature of exposure to rain and sunlight.

The lights for outdoor walls should be wired according to the switch type that you select.

For wiring that is exposed, pull wire switches should be utilized, as they are affordable and secure. The concealed wiring should be determined according to the wiring conditions.

For instance, embedded hidden keyboard switches can be used for wiring concealed inside walls.

The arrangement of the operation of outdoor wall lamp switches needs to be sensitive and light,

And their actions should be executed by instantaneous switching and reorganization.

Other than double throw and pull switches, the connection and disconnection of the contacts must be clearly indicated.

The pull wire for the wall lamp’s pull switch should be insulated rope

Minimum length of 1.5m is required.

If the force is applied at a level of 98N per minute, the pull wire and rope arrangement should not fail to break. Wall light switches for outdoor use are usually installed near doors, or in other readily accessible places.

Outdoor wall lights are vital lighting fixtures in public spaces. They are a major factor at night.

If they’re properly designed by the designer, however they could beautify the city’s nightlife.

In social events there are incidents of wall lights falling on people frequently happen.

Therefore, we must ensure that public facilities are maintained that can ensure our safety. This article will provide thorough information about lighting fixtures for outdoor walls.

Installing outdoor wall lighting and making your wall light more comfortable is easy.

it is best to carefully refer to the installation precautions for outdoor wall lighting in this article.

Installing LED wall lights

First, choose a wooden base or stand that suits the lamp.

Place the lamp on top.

The margin must be homogeneous. Make use of an electric drill to make the outlet and install holes on the wood plank,

The lamp head is rotated through the hole in the wooden board by installing holes in the bottom of the plate.

Secure the joint and put it in the lamp box.

Alignment of the wooden stand to the lamp box.

Fix it on a wall, then make use of machine screws to attach the wooden stand to the ears of the box. If the board is made out of wood, it is recommended to utilize expansion tubes to secure the board.

Be sure that the lamp base or wooden stand is flat and straight.

Then, screw the lamp into the base (board) of the lamp. And finally, make sure that the lamp, lightbulb or lamp shade.

A waterproof adhesive pad needs to be placed between the lamp base plate or bracket and the wall for wall lighting for outside.

A drainage hole should be made.

Glass covers are used to protect large lighting fixtures placed in areas with high traffic.

It is important to design it in a way to prevent it from shattering or splashing (except when there are design requirements).

Generally, a protective net that is made up of nylon wire with a transparent appearance is a good choice,

and the dimension of the mesh should be determined based on the current and the actual.

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