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How to choose a good quality and inexpensive power socket?

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I recommend several good quality and cheap power sockets for your reference.

1.GN-B3440 socket

GN-B3440 socket

Product Highlights:

The wire core diameter is increased to 1.0 square mm: it conducts well, generates less heat, and can carry a current of 5-8A and a power of about 1KW.

Overall high temperature flame retardant: The entire body is made of flame retardant PP material, which has passed the 750 degree glowing wire test and can be used with confidence

“Upgraded” protective door to ensure safety: 75N safety protective door, equivalent to the pressure generated by a 7.5KG weight, children will not accidentally insert the jack.

Integrated structure of high-quality copper sheets and copper strips, meshing technology, strong elasticity, and will not loosen after 5,000 normal plug-and-pull operations.

Full length: 1.8M Power: 2500W

2.J&S lighting GN-B2080

J&S lightingGN-B2080 socket

Product Highlights:

Other functions and quality are similar to J&S lighting GN-B3440 socket, and the total length is 3M. If you need a longer cord, you can choose this one

3.GB1 track socket

GB1 track socket

Product Highlights:

  • Play with the new aesthetics of home electricity: It is a socket and also a decorative art Bull (surface-mounted) track socket
  • The darling of the kitchen/wall: the surface is anodized + sandblasted, which can meet the needs of multiple electrical appliances and is easy to clean when oil and sewage splashes, making it worry-free to use.
  • No matter how many electrical appliances you have, one of them is enough: the power track bus duct carries a power of 8000W MAX.
  • Plug and play: You can flexibly add or reduce socket adapters, and you don’t have to worry about short electrical power cords.
  • Turn the outer ring gently without pulling out the plug. Elegant power on/off: turn the outer ring left 18° to turn off the power, turn the outer ring 18° right to turn the power on.
  • Hidden “zero live wire” is safe and secure to use
  • The ground wire inside the 4.5mm-track groove is non-conductive and there is no risk of electric shock.
  • The narrow opening of the gap effectively prevents mis-insertion of foreign objects.
  • Rated current: 32A
  • Rated voltage: 250V~
  • Rated carrying power: 8000WMAX

4.UU3653 PD fast charging multi-function socket

UU3653 PDFast charging multi-function socket

Product Highlights:

  • 65W high power, small size, high performance
  • Three ports can be charged at the same time, providing stable battery life for different devices
  • USB-C 65W MAX output: approximately 1.68 hours to fully charge MacBook Pro
  • Integrated storage plugs are arranged without interference: using a three-dimensional integrated structure design, 3 five-flat holes + 2 USB-C + 1 USB-A can meet the power needs of multiple devices at the same time
  • USB five-layer protection: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-surge protection, anti-short circuit protection, and anti-static protection

Well, the brands recommended above are guaranteed and have always had a good reputation. You can choose one or two that suit you based on the above products. Thanks!

I hope you like the power socket I recommend. If you have any questions about the recommended products, you can also leave a message in the comments.