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Selecting the Perfect Ceiling Lights for Your New Home

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You must use ceiling lights when decorating your new home. Otherwise, they will flash, flicker, and dazzle.

In the past, I didn’t care much about the choice of the main light at home.

It was either too dark or not bright enough. The photos were blurry.

A child’s eyesight decreased from 5.1 to just 4.7 after learning to read with this type of lamp!

I decided to upgrade my ceiling lamp after so many “terrible” things happened.

Recently, I was just in time to move to a new home and renovate it. I went to seven or eight lighting shops and evaluated 10+ ceiling lights.

Finally, I “competed” and shared with you the three models that I think are the most cost-effective and have the best user experience.

You will win on the first try!

Without further ado, let me first list the most useful ones in my opinion so that everyone can choose

1.Quick shopping area

Aidohui Ceiling Lamp – “TOP1 in the Lamp List”

The Aidohui ceiling lamp with eye protection is my “treasure magical lamp”!

The minimalist design in pure white, with its thin layer and no height, is suitable for all types of furniture.

It uses the industry’s top American Puri lamp wick, which is bright and stable, comparable to sunlight, and can light up the whole house with just one lamp!

Full spectrum + RG0 blue light exemption level + no stroboscopic + Ra98 color rendering index, the light is even and not dazzling, the brightness is super high, and it is not tiring to study and work under the light for a long time!

It supports infinite dimming of Mijia APP and can also be link-ed to intelligent voice control such as Tmall Genie, making it very convenient to use.

It is equipped with a Japanese Mitsubishi light guide, which fits seamlessly into the ceiling and prevents mosquitoes completely!

Conscientious pricing is key. The price is a hundred yuan and the quality is a thousand yuan. If you need it, just close your eyes and rush!

2.How to choose a useful eye-protecting ceiling lamp?

1.Light source

The light source is the “key object” when we choose the ceiling lamp. It determines whether the home can be illuminat-ed brightly.

The core that determines the quality of the light source is the lamp chip and whether it is a full-spectrum ceiling lamp.


Chips account for over 50% of the cost to produce lamps. The best first-tier international brands in the industry today are Bridgelux, a brand from the United States. Sunlike, based in Seoul, is ranked second, while Edison and Sanan, a second-tier brand, is ranked third.

It is recommend-ed to give priority to Bridgelux from the United States.

First-tier brands like Rui and Seoul Sunlike provide a more stable lighting performance and are closer to the natural light. They also have better eye protection.

Full spectrum 2Full spectral

At present, the most effective eye-protecting choose ceiling lights is the full spectrum. Full spectrum is a spectral curve which includes ultraviolet, visible and infrared lights. The color rendering index and the ratio of blue, green and red in the visible portion are the closest to the natural light.

The eye-protecting ceiling lamp with better full-spectrum technology can cover the entire visible spectrum band from 380nn-780nm, which can effectively reduce harmful blue light and supplement beneficial red light. The closer the light is to the natural light, the more comprehensive the spectral index. Therefore, it is recommend-ed that you give priority to eye-protecting ceiling lamps with better full-spectrum technology.

2.Eye protection effect

The eye protection effect of an eye protection lamp can be mainly judg-ed from the aspects of blue light protection, strobe depth, color rendering index and color temperature.

Purchasing principles: RG0 blue light exemption level + <3.2% strobe depth + >=80 color rendering index + wide range of color temperature


Eye protection ceiling lights are now integrated with more intelligent features. This is mainly related to its control method, which generally includes three types: manual switch, stepless adjustment, and intelligent adjustment. Intelligent adjustment covers the basis of the first two functions.

It can also be linked to Xiaoai Audio, Tmall Genie, Mijia APP, etc., making it more intelligent and more convenient to use. Everyone can choose based on their own needs and budget.

4.Anti-mosquito design

Attracting mosquitoes has always been the most troublesome thing about ceiling lamps. Some are “full” of black spots less than a month after purchase. When buying a lampshade that you’re concerned about, check to make sure it is mosquito-proof.

  1. A recommendation of eye-protecting ceiling lights
  2. Aidohui Eye Protection Ceiling Lamp

Recommendation index:

Aidohui is a domestic lighting brand with perfect technology and superior quality. It has always had a high market share.

The “Hexagonal Warrior” is a ceiling light that protects your eyes. On the basis of excellent comprehensive performance, it also has a low price. It’s “my good light”, I beat it!

First of all, it looks great. It is a round, pure white object without any modifications.

Secondly, the light source is outstanding! It uses the American Puri lamp beads recognized as the best in the industry.

It is a bright, even light, not too bright but bright enough, and it’s super soft. It is simply a “high imitation version” of sunlight!

The full spectrum LED light source is also a master of this technology. It can cover the entire visible range, reducing the harmful blue light which can damage the retina while supplementing the red light to protect the vision.

It’s as if I opened the curtains and basked in the sunlight outside when I lie on my sofa at night. Even if I look up directly, I won’t be dazzled or dizzy.

Its eye protection is awesome! The 40cm diameter one that I bought for home has a luminous intensity of up to 4,400lm and an average illumination >= 400Lux, plus an illumination uniformity >= 0.75. The lighting is far superior to the classroom standards.

It is bright and emits full-light. There are no dark corners at all, no matter if it is a child Whether you are studying or working at home, your eyes are comfortable. No one has a “high-quality light environment”!

The eye protection ceiling lamp has an anti-glare UVR of 19 and a flash depth of =0.5%. It can maintain steady light and will not flicker even if it is turned on for several hours. It won’t cause headaches or tiredness of the eyes. Children can be protected from the source. Myopia is a problem.

The ceiling light I had before moving into my new house was very bright. Even after changing the bulb multiple times, it still flashed 10 times per second. This ceiling lamp from Aidohui really “saved the eyes of our whole family”!

It has a color rendering index of Ra>=98, which is close to the 100 CRI of sunlight. It is able to reproduce colors well. Under the light, children can easily distinguish colors in picturebooks. I usually take pictures of delicious food and post them on friends circle. All bright and fresh.

In addition, its intelligent design is also worthy of praise! The switch mode not only covers wall switches and remote control switches, but can also be linked to intelligent voice control such as Xiaomi Smart and Tmall Genie for stepless dimming. You can choose any warm light, white light, or neutral light as you like, and it is also very convenient for the elderly and children to use. ~

This lampshade has a special anti-flying bug structure, and it uses a Japanese Mitsubishi Light Guide Plate that can be fitted to the ceiling without any problems.

There are no black spots or even small mosquitos in the summer.

Overall, in terms of performance configuration and usage experience, this eye-protecting choose ceiling lights from Aidohui is my five-star must-have product! It just so happens that the discounts are huge right now, you can get it for 500+. The official website link is posted below for everyone. If you want to buy high-quality products at a low price, give it a try!

2.Op MX5755-D68-WTT-01

Recommendation index:

Opple is an old lighting brand. The overall performance and practical experience of their ceiling lamp are quite good, but it is a little expensive.

First, let’s take a look at its appearance. The square shape has white sides with a golden interior. Three haloes surround the four circles. It has a luxurious, high-end look that is striking when displayed in the master bedroom or living room. These halos do take up some floor space, so people with low ceilings should be cautious.

Its light source effect is not bad. It is a chip that was developed by the manufacturer. Although it is not a well-known imported chip, the light emitted is still quite bright, but it is not close to sunlight.

It is equipped with full spectrum technology that allows it to seek out the best of both worlds, reducing harmful blue light while supplementing beneficial red light. This protects our retinas.

The eye protection provided by this product is excellent. RG0 has no blue light hazards and no visual flicker to the naked eye. Your eyes will not feel sore when reading and working under the light for a long time, and you will not feel dizzy due to stroboscopic flicker.

The official website interface states that its color rendering index is Ra95. Although it is not particularly high, it is almost close to the 100 color rendering index of sunlight.

You will be unable to distinguish colors when you are drawing or viewing photos. It’s a problem. But when I was reading the illustrated magazine to my children, I could not tell the difference between green and yellow. I still felt there was a slight difference in color.

The intelligent design is cleverly integrated with Mijia smart. It’s not necessary to search for the switch when you arrive home.

The light comes on when you open the door. It can also connect to Xiaoai classmates to achieve intelligent voice control, and you can adjust white light and warm white light at will. , yellow light and dark yellow light, there are many usage scenarios.

In general, Opple’s ceiling lamp performs well in terms of lighting effect, but the color rendering is average and the price is a bit expensive. Friends with sufficient budget can consider buying it~

3.Honeywell HWX-03B01

Recommendation Index:

Honeywell is an early lighting brand, and their ceiling lamp has no major problems when used overall.

It also has a simple, pure white round appearance. The thin layer doesn’t take up much space and blends well with other living room furniture.

Its light source is excellent. The light source is excellent.

The light can be reduced by up to 2.3% when it shines brightly in the room. Blue light is good for our eyes.

This lamp is RG0 with anti-glare and UGR 22. You will not be able to damage your vision if you use your computer or mobile phone under the lamp.

This eye protection lamp has a color rendering index of Ra>=95, which is not too high, but it can distinguish various colors in comics, and the saturation of photos taken in its light is also good.

TUV South Germany has certified that it does not flicker. After using it for some time, I’ve never seen it flicker.

Intelligence is not that impressive. It has three levels of brightness. The wall switch allows you to turn the lights on and off manually and adjust the brightness. We must move our legs and hands.

This Honeywell ceiling light performs well in general. However, there are still some improvements to be made. You can purchase it for friends to try it out.

Finally, if you have recently moved to a new home and want to change the main light in your home, you must choose a ceiling lamp with a good light source and strong eye protection!

I would personally recommend that everyone choose ceiling lights. Not only does it have an advanced wick, but it also provides eye protection, especially if you have children at home. Don’t delay the healthy development of your eyes!