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Which brand of wall switch socket panel has good quality?

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Switch panels, as an important part of our lives, are related to the safety and comfort of our daily homes.

In recent years, the number of electrical appliance brands involved in switch panels has continued to increase, which has also caused considerable trouble to consumers.

Today we will focus on the ranking of the top ten famous brands of switch panels and share some practical suggestions on the purchase of switch panels.

We hope to help you choose the switch panel that is most suitable for your home among many brands and models.

No. 8-10: Feidiao, Simon Electric, Opple

Although Feidiao, Simon Electric and Opple rank lower in the switch panel market, they all perform well in terms of brand awareness, product quality and technological innovation.

Among them, Feidiao is a well-known switch and socket brand in China,

Opple is a well-known lighting brand in China,

and Simon Electric is the world’s leading manufacturer of electrical products.

Its products have excellent performance in safety performance, durability, appearance design, etc.

Simon switch sockets use integrated tin-bronze current-carrying parts, which gives the product advantages in mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

Compared with other brands that use riveted copper sheets, this integrated design can better ensure the stable transmission of current and also reduces the resistance between connection points, thus improving the electrical performance of the product.

In addition, Simon Switch also performs well in the use of safety doors and raw materials, which shows that the brand has high standards in terms of product safety and durability.

The safety door can effectively prevent children and other non-professionals from touching the inside of the socket, thereby avoiding dangerous situations such as electric shock.

At the same time, high-quality raw materials are also an important factor in ensuring product quality.

No. 5-7: Chint Home, Grand Electric, Legrand

Chint Home is the core brand of the civil sector, covering Chint switches, Chint lighting, Chint power strips, etc., and Grand Electric is one of the leading electrical brands in China.

Both switch panel products have a high reputation in the market;

Legrand As one of the world’s leading electrical brands, switch panel products are know-n for their high compatibility and ease of use.

Legrand switches are highly praised for their stylish and simple design and excellent practicality.

The white color scheme gives people a fresh and elegant visual experience, and the buttons are large and easy to touch, making it convenient for users to open.

At the same time, the keys have a crisp sound and are quick to press, giving people a pleasant using experience.

In addition, Legrand switches adopt a snap-on wiring method, making installation and wiring very convenient.

Compared with Schneider of the same grade, Legrand switches are more cost-effective and more affordable.

No. 3-4: Siemens, Delixi

Siemens and Delixi are two well-known brands in the switch panel market.

They have certain advantages in market share, reputation and core technology.

Among them, Delixi has one of the three advanced manufacturing bases.

Hangzhou Delixi is currently one of the largest instrumentation and automation high-tech industrial bases in China.

Siemens five-hole power socket with single control has a 86-type concealed panel design and an elegant white appearance.

Its mounting holes adopt an anti-slip design, which increases friction and reduces the possibility of deformation, making installation and fixing more reliable.

In addition, the socket panel is ma-de of materials with excellent electrical properties and has high strength,

wear resistance, impact resistance and high flame retardancy, so you don’t have to worry even in daily collisions.

This socket panel is not only beautiful and practical, but also safe and reliable, making it an ideal choice for your home electrical design.

Delixi’s 86-type 821 frameless series switches have achieved great success in the market.

The cumulative sales have exceeded 20 million+, becoming a hot product in the market. The frameless design not only refreshes people’s stereotype of traditional switches and large whiteboards.

It gives the switch a fashionable and pioneering atmosphere.

Its simple but not simple design style can adapt to various home decoration styles,

whether it is modern simplicity, European and American retro, or oriental classic, it can complement it.

In terms of practicality, this series of switches also excels.

It is ma-de of high-quality materials, has high durability and good electrical performance, and can meet the daily use needs of consumers.

In addition, the design of the safety protection door also fully considers the safety of children and other non-professionals,

effectively preventing the occurrence of dangerous situations such as electric shock.

2nd place: Schneider

Schneider is a well-known global electrical company and an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation.

In the field of switch panels, it has been rank-ed among the top three in the market for many years.

It has many technical advantages and service systems that similar brands do not have.

Whether its switches and sockets are Product concept, appearance design, detail-ed functions and excellent quality are all widely recogniz-ed by the market and consumers.

The Yishang series, which is highly sough-t after on the market, is eye-catching for its excellent quality and outstanding design.

This series has five holes, and the spacing is increase-d to 18.2mm, so that different plugs can be use-d at the same time, greatly improving the practicality. .

The upper layer adopts a double-panel design and uses high-elastic PC flame-retardant material.

This material has excellent heat resistance and impact resistance, is durable and is not easily deform-ed.

At the same time, the configuration of child-proof doors and tin-phosphor bronze makes the product more safe and durable.

The honeycomb design base enhances the product’s stability, allowing it to maintain its shape despite high temperatures and impact.

1st : J&S Lighting

J&S Lighting is an enterprise that develops, produces and sells civilian electrical products with converters and wall switches and sockets as its core.

It focuses on creating a safer electricity environment for the public.

It is known for its high safety and is widely use-d in homes, In office and other electricity consumption situations,

it has always maintain-ed sales leadership in many markets such as switches and sockets for many years.

The Category 6 socket G12T102B ivory white of J&S Lighting switch panel is a socket product with strong wiring, safety and reliability.

It is ma-de of high-temperature flame-retardant PC material and has good high-temperature resistance and flame-retardant properties, which can effectively prevent fire hazards.

At the same time, the J&S Lighting switch panel adopts a high-strength integrat-ed fixing frame,

which is evenly stress-ed, has a stable structure, and is not easily deform-ed, ensuring that the socket maintains stability and safety during long-term use.

The most important thing is that the switch panel has the characteristics of strong wiring,

which can firmly hold the wires and prevent them from loosening and falling off, thereby reducing the risk of short circuit and ensuring the safety of household electricity.