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The Race for the World’s Best Lava Lamp

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Just had a second look at the shadow of the best lava lamp

Tom Dixon’s lava lamp is an amazing work of art.

The light’s radiance is captivating that hides hot sparks.

The artwork inside is breathtaking.


Tom Dixon “Lava Lamp”

Melt Series “Lava Lamp”

It’s being developed by Tom Dixon

One of the best-known lighting series

Modern lighting that blends exquisiteness along with fantasy and mystery

Numerous lava lamps in various sizes fell at random

Imagine a fantastical and bizarre world

The universe is similar to planets which don’t interfer with one another.

Uncovering a mystifying world, sharing stories

The Melt “Lava Lamp’s” shades are divided into:

Silver, copper, and brass

The “lava lamp” is not just a source of heat for the space as well as the sight.

Like lava, light as well as shadow echo through the space.

Construct a charming and dynamic visual

It seems to me that perception and timing are both connected when you’re living in the moment.

Amazing graphics to give you the best experience

It seems like the time has disappeared from this world of fantasy


Melt series “Lava Lamp”


The Melt Series is a co-operative effort by Tom Dixon

FRONT, the Swedish design collective.

The concept behind creating organic and naturalistic lighting objects

Use-d for vacuum metalization and blow molding

Experiments of advanced quality were conducted in the field of technology

Through its melting effect and distorted with its spherical shape

Make a visual experience that seems like a mystical experience

shape it into an irregular shape

such as the insides of a melting glacier

Due to the Melt series “Lava Lamp”

The technology has been improved to the point of semi-metalized surfaces

This produces amazing optical effects.

Light that is reflective and improves the quality of its surroundings

Tom Dixon is the designer behind Tom Dixon. Tom Dixon will

The lamp’s body is made of polycarbonate

The melting state is combined and the flow of melt during the process of melting

A lamp shade that has an irregular form.

It is decorated with gold and red copper solution

There are metallic opaque balls that are visible when the lights are off.

It is a modern industrial style that is characteristic of Tom Dixon’s work.

The surface of the metal inside is reflective of light when it is switched on

Reflected light from the golden ball

Redesign your home to create a an entirely new space

The pursuit of beauty amazement, wonder and unimaginable beauty


Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon was founded in 2002

British design genius Tom Dixon (Tom Dixon)

David Begg

Co-founded furniture brand with the same name

Tom Dixon is an all-round designer who is focused on materials, technology and culture.

Combining life aesthetics and avant-garde technology

Design can be achieved with simple forms, and is brimming with technology and industrial styles

In order to perfectly restore the Melt series, we need to restore it completely.

“Lava Lamp” one of the most vibrant aspect

Tom Dixon in “Glass Blowing

Be aware of the kinetics of fire and light in the course of the process

In the event of melting at high temperatures

Stop glass liquefies soft side

The moment that the glass cools and forms is the moment it is captured.

Integrate this beauty into your lighting designs

Create a simple, classic and elegant lighting.

the value of a lamp

It’s not reflected in helping the family members in times the greatest need.

It’s the cherry on the cake home

The lighting in your home differs from other kinds of lamps.

The Melt series “Best Lava Lamps” will be lit up

Like several blazing flames

In the air floating, with very magical visual effects

Different light sources are required for different lighting requirements in the home

Its light can be reflected throughout the house.

It is difficult for a lot of people to attain the feeling of ambiance.