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Top Recommendations for Bedside Lamp Brands in 2024

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Bedside lamp brands are crucial for lighting fixture to be placed near the bed.

The principal purpose of this product is to provide a soft, calming light in the bedroom to aid people to fall asleep.

It is a great way to read or just relax in bed.

Bedside lamps are generally constructed using warm colours, like yellow, light yellow etc. to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Additionally, the switch for the bedside lamp is normally placed on the table beside the bed, allowing users to easily switch it off or on whenever they want to. The benefit is that it’s convenient and practical.

This can add warmth to the bedroom and provide a pleasant environment for lighting.

What are the best brands for bedside lamps? Here’s a list of some top-selling brands for your review:

J&S Lighting Bedside Lamp brands

Brand name: J&S Lighting is a company focused on indoor lighting solutions, headquartered in Zhongshan, China.

The company’s range of products includes various bulbs, lamps, as well as intelligent lighting systems.

J&S Lighting is committed to offering users lighting products of top quality, which are beautiful and stylish and energy efficient eco-friendly and reliable.

Many of its items have been awarded awards for design and innovation.

J&S Lighting vintage walnut table lamp is an old-fashioned look to the bedroom, bedside and living room.

It is made from walnut wood which is an inviting, warm color.

Mix it with beige lampshades for a warm and soft atmosphere.

With h an easy flick of the switch you can get a comfortable lighting experience. Simple design with a flexible style, suitable for various home decorations.

ARROW bedside lamp

Brand name: Ningbo Antuo Industrial Co., Ltd. It was founded in 1995. It is a trademark from Zhejiang Province and is a high-tech firm that focuses on the production and sales of automotive parts, building hardware and other hardware items.

ARROW Model B three-head pearl black chandelier not only has stylish appearance but also comes with a simple and modern design.

This chandelier has been specially designed for bedrooms with a bedside. This chandelier is stylish and will instantly enhance the environment in your home. Make use of Mijia intelligent control to effortlessly realize intelligent life.

The brightness of 36w will suffice to meet lighting requirements. It is also green and energy efficient. Plug and play installation, ease of use.

Yeelight bedside lamp

Brand: Dedicated to innovative interaction design, industrial design and lighting experience, it offers wireless intelligent lighting solutions integrating production, design, R&D and sales.

The company’s product range includes home lighting, table lighting and ambient lighting, intelligent controls, as well as various other series.

The Yeelight wall light, in a modern Nordic style, brings style and warmth to the bedroom. Using LED energy-saving lightsource Its light is soft and secures eyesight. Smart control. It can be connected to the Mijia App to control it remotely.

The wall lamp is easy to set up and can be adapted to different wall surfaces. This is a great light option in study areas, hallways and many other areas.

op bedside lamp

Brand name: Op Lighting Co., Ltd. It is known as a well-known brand for energy-efficient lamps and ceiling lights, started in 1996, Guangdong Province trademark,

Guangdong product began with the development of three-color energy saving lamps. The company is currently developing, manufacturing and distributed LED as well as traditional light sources and lamps , electrical devices, ceiling items, etc. high-tech enterprises.

The Op LED bedside lamp is a romantic, warm American-style light that adds an unique accent to the bedroom.

It can be used with a variety of light sources.

NVC bedside lamp

Brand name: Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd. is an Hong Kong listed company that is an established lighting name. It is a leading company in the area of commercial lighting as well as a high-tech company that integrates LEDs into commercial, office, as well as construction lighting.

Domestic supplier of large energy efficient lamps, mounting brackets for T4/T5 and electronic ballasts.

NVC Starlight Nordic Simple LED Wall Lamp gives warmth and class to your bedroom, study or hallway.

It follows a minimalist layout and is complemented by various decorative styles.

The light created by a lamp with 7 watts is soft and soothing. It is able to create an intimate and light-filled ambience.

It turns on with an easy touch. It is eco-friendly and energy efficient and is the perfect choice to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle.