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“Maximizing Ambiance: Discovering the Most Practical Locations for Wall Lights”

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Wall lighting is often utilized for decoration in homes, and lighting is one of the main purposes. Additionally, it improves the effect of interior decoration.

Where do you need to install lighting fixtures for walls in a house?

Below, Xiaofan summarizes many practical experiences of family that have been renovated in order to inform everyone.


For additional lighting in corridors It is typical to install one or two wall lamps.

as well as the height of the wall lamps in these areas should be higher than the angle of contact with the eye.

While at the same time there are some decorative elements that can be added around the wall lamps,

Hanging paintings or placing a small table under the lamp could have an even more noticeable impact.


Many people set up wall lights near their beds, as bedrooms need additional lighting.

When you’re reading in bed or getting up at night Wall lamps are important.

Pick wall lamps with adjustable lamp heads and soft lighting.

Wall lamps should be matched to the style of your bedroom, not too unnatural,

And try to avoid some exaggerated shapes for example, animal pictures with claws and teeth.


The use of wall lamps in restaurants must be able to produce a local lighting effect.

If the restaurant’s size is excessive or too large, chandeliers and wall lights are a possibility to be put in.

But, if your restaurant is too small, and you believe that adding chandeliers is not the best idea,

can make the room look cramped and crowded.

Install two or more light fixtures to the wall.

It’s like being in a luxurious restaurant.

It is extravagant and has a powerful ambience.

4.In front of the bathroom mirror

It is possible to install wall lamps behind mirrors in bathrooms.

It is recommended to place the mirror directly above it with the light looking towards the downwards.

This way, the lighting effect will be better.

Wall lamps should be of the same style and design as showerheads and faucets, resulting in a more pleasing overall look.


A few people put lighting fixtures on their balconies.

Only decorative and ornamental balconies are fitted with wall lights, especially on summer nights

If two of the wall lights are turnedd on and the setting outside is lovely.

The location of the light fixture in the wall is vital.

but also needs to match the surrounding surroundings and work with the general environment.

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